Family Life


Hello and welcome to my life! 🙂 It’s a little slice of paradise…most days.

I gave some pretty general information about my self in the “About Me” section of my page. I figure that it’s a good idea to do a more formal introduction of not only myself, but my family to. I figure that in writing this blog I’m inviting you into my life, even if its only a small part of my life 😉 So here is our list of characters!

Me of course! Ashley or just Ash is good too. I grew up in south-eastern New Mexico. Since my parents divorced when I was very young I split my time between town, and the dairy. I like to think I’m a country girl, a cowgirl, like I know what I’m doing and talking about where live stock is concerned, but now that I live on a ranch I find my self discovering that I don’t know a dang thing about anything. So I guess we can just say…I’m a country girl at heart…and I’m learning and loving ranch life.

The most wonderful husband Ford. Ford and I met in 2009, my last semester of school at NMSU, and his second to last year. Yes, GASP, I am older than him…I had a hard time with it at first too! 🙂 He graduated with a Survey Engineering Degree, and currently does not use it. (Isn’t that how it always goes! We go to school for years and then don’t use the degree…oh well I’m not using mine either!)  He plays guitar, is a wonderful artist, and just generally makes me smile. He grew up on a sheep ranch about 30 miles from where we are currently living. I could go on for days about him, but I’ll stop…for now! (I’ll brag some more later)

Our sweet…and also rotten son Ranger. Get it? Ford…Ranger…yes I think I’m funny. Ranger is 8 months old, and a handful. He is crawling everywhere and pulling him self up on everything. I know he will be walking any day now. (Oh great! lol) He has two teeth…yes he has bitten me…and his smile melts my heart. He is EBF and we cloth diaper…to save money…and I don’t regret it for a second. He is a happy, bubbly, lovable, cuddly, sweet, chatty, boy. He thinks he can do anything and isn’t afraid to try anything…even though he can’t walk yet he climbs everything!!! Ok enough already about Ranger…his shenanigans will no doubt entertain us all as he grows and I will share I promise!

Fur baby numero uno Jolene. Jolene is a pure bred basset hound that Ford and I have had since she was a puppy. She is our baby. I know everyone says that once you have a child your dogs don’t get as much attention. Well for Jolene the only thing that has really changed is that she doesn’t come in the house anymore…I know its sounds awful!! Let me explain. We moved, from town to a ranch…she rolls in cow pooh on a daily basis…and I don’t even know what else, so that is why she no longer comes in the house. She still sleeps in doors just not in our house. 🙂 She and Charlie get to roam to their heart’s content and I don’t think she would change it for the world…except during storms during storms she wants in!!

Fur baby numero dos Charlie, he is a border collie. Unlike Jolene Charlie adopted us. One Saturday morning we were sitting in the kitchen having breakfast and I look up to see him in the yard with Jolene. He decided he liked us I guess because he hasn’t left since. At first we tried to find his owners, and we thought if we couldn’t find them we would find him a good home…but Jolene got attached, I got attached and although he denies it Ford got attached so Charlie is here to stay.

Of course I’m sure I’ll talk about more people in my life, I mean there is my mama, my step dad, my dad, my step mom, my mother in law, mother in laws boyfriend, father in law ect ect ect!!! However, for now I think you’ve gotten the main characters.


Ranger Lee
Ranger Lee
Ford and me
Ford and me



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