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Wham Bam Gift for Grams!

Hello! Happy Wednesday!!

This week I thought it might be nice to do a craft. My son, Ranger, isn’t really old enough for crafts yet since he is only 8 months old. I do all the work and he has some small role in the whole thing, like me pressing his foot into dough, or tracing his hand. I am really looking forward to when he gets older and we can glue cotton balls to paper plates and call them sheep lol.

As I was considering what craft I might make this week I started thinking about what might make a good gift for a grandparent, since we are only a little over two months away from Christmas. Now I know we have all made salt dough hand prints or ornaments in elementary school, but lets face it those weren’t all that nice, plus it really is a great way to have some fun with your kids, older children that is, and its also a great way to mooch on the baby cuteness in the gift giving area. I mean really after Ford and I got Married everyone got pictures from the wedding in some form for at least a year, and now that we have Ranger I’m going to be giving everyone pictures of him for the rest of my life and calling them “gifts”. 🙂

This week I made a batch of salt dough, pressed Rangers foot into it, baked it, painted it, and put it in a shadow box. Wham Bam gift for Grams! 🙂 You could also make them into ornaments, or if you wanted to get really crazy you could make a really large one with both hands or feet and the child’s name and hang that on the wall with no frame. There are tons of ways to use salt dough other than just impressions of children’s hands and feet. You can mold salt dough into small figurines, if you are that amazing…I am not.

Ok here is what I did for this project specifically.

Salt dough recipe:

1/2 C Salt

1/2 C  Flour

1/4 C Water (give or take a little)

Step 1) Combine all ingredients, once dough starts to form knead four or five times.

Step 2) Roll out dough. I actually rolled the dough out on top of the baking sheet so I didn’t have to move the dough so much. I learned in an earlier project that it can rip easily.

Step 3) Using a round cookie cutter cut circles in the dough, once you have as many circles as you want to remove all excess dough. I use circles because it was the only cookie cutter I have, however you could just do squares or rectangles for impressions, make sure the shape you use is big enough to fit your child’s hand or foot in, preferably BEFORE you cut all the shapes out. If you want to do other shapes for other projects any cookie cutter you like with do just fine!

Step 4) Press child’s hand or foot into the dough circles. If you have a small child like I do its nice to have help from dad or someone else to hold the child up so you can get the foot in place just right. If you have an older child that can stand still, (I have no idea at what age children start to have a long attention span!!) it would be easy enough to just put the pan with the circles on the floor or table and help them press their hand or foot into the dough.

Step 5) Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 3 hours. After they have harden completely in the oven remove them and let them cool. Another hour is long enough. (Depending on what time of day you start this project it could turn into a two-day project.)

Step 6) Paint! When I picked the bronze color for our foot impressions I was going for something like a bronze cast of a baby shoe. I don’t know how often they still do those but I know I have seen them before. I also just really liked the color of the bronze paint. I also did a copper one and a silver one, and just like the bronze the best.

Step 7) Attach impression to backing in a shadow box. I did mine with glue dots. You can leave the rest of the box empty or add other mementos. I just used letters to add Rangers name to our shadow box. However, it would be nice to add a picture also if you get a large enough shadow box.

All in all I made three shadow boxes with Rangers foot impression. One for my Mama, GG, one for my mother in law, Dandee, and one for my Tami, Grandma, plus I had extra impressions so we kept one in Rangers room and I gave my little sister one. All the Grandma’s love them, and it is a moment in time that we will never get back. Ranger will never be this little again. 😦

I hope you have fun make salt dough creations with your little ones, and if you chose to mooch on the baby cuteness I know your family will love the gifts!!


Rangers cute little baby toes!
Rangers cute little baby toes!
Finished product. (I am not a fan of this photo but I thought you should see the whole finished product.)
Finished product. (I am not a fan of this photo but I thought you should see the finished product.)
Shadow box backing
Shadow box backing

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