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Wow…life just happened!

Hello and Happy Thursday!

So I skipped one week of blogging…because our dog Jolene went missing and then we found her and she was partially paralyzed (she can walk again now) and then we had to remove her ear! (Oh my goodness a one eared basset hound how can this be…she actually looks ok…and is happy to no longer be in pain)end of 2013 551All of that actually happened over the last three months but I skipped one blog post because Jolene went missing. Then I skipped another because we were traveling to Casa Grande AZ to visit family for Thanks Giving, and then I skipped another because well LIFE HAPPENED and honestly I felt lost in the shuffle for a little while. So my apologies to my subscribers! Wow, that sounds so weird in my head, but I really do have a few people subscribing to my follow my blog! However, its a new year and I’m ready to get back at this!! In fact I am really excited! I got a new sewing machine…wait that makes it sound like I had an old one…I didn’t…I’ve never sewn really…I made curtains once…but that is it. So, I’m super excited to start that adventure and share what I learn with all of you! Plus I’m looking forward to new recipes, and Rangers 1st birthday is this month and Ford and I are planning a mustache bash and I’m so excited to share that with all of you! I don’t have anything big or fabulous ready to blog for today, so again apologies! I just knew I needed to sit down and write something and wow does it feel so good! Seriously I’m loving this!!! I never should have skipped any posts!! Moving on moving on!!


Today I have one small craft I did this week. It is an out going mail box. This is what I am using for at least, I’m also going to make one to be incoming mail…I hate to misplace mail…you can obviously use it for anything, coupons or papers the kids bring home from school, or FFA, or whatever. Its really simple to make here is what you will need:

One empty box, I used a graham cracker box, use whatever you have depending on the size you want

Glue, I used mod podge

Craft paper

Paint, any color that matches your paper

Magnets, the kind you can get at a craft store that have adhesive on one side

Step 1) Cut the top of the box off, how much or little you cut off is purely up to you.

Step 2) Measure and cut the paper to fit the front and both sides of the box, you can cover the bottom in paper as well or paint it.

Step 3) Glue paper to box and let dry.

Step 4) Paint a border on each side, top and bottom. This is not meant to be perfect, we just want to cover and part of the box that might be showing, and we do it on all sides to make it even and match.

Step 5) Attach magnets to the back. Now I bought self adhesive magnets, however mine did not stick very well so I ended up gluing them on as well. You can continue to embellish your little organization box with ribbons, bows, glitter or anything else fun you like!


I hope you love your little organizational box and find that it brings a little more order to this new year! end of 2013 579


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