Tortilla Soup…or…Spicy Paleo Chicken Soup

Hello!! Happy Wednesday!!

I’m so sorry I was absent last week! First Ranger was sick, boo…and then I got strep throat…even bigger boo!! I still have an awful cough and get tired to quickly but I’m feeling much better thank goodness!

So, to explain why I am making this soup let me ask you this, have you heard of the whole 30 challenge? Have you heard of paleo? Well, if you haven’t then let me explain. The paleo diet consists of  meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds. Excluding, sugars, dairy, grains, and legumes. There is a lot more to it, but that is the basic, eat like a caveman, and only eat real unprocessed foods. So on to the whole 30. The whole 30 is a challenge that you take 30 days to eat nothing but lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and some healthy fats, and some nuts. I have been thinking about doing this challenge for a while, but every time I tell my husband he can’t have cheese if we do the challenge he says no way. SO finally fed up with the way I look and the way I feel I decided I would do the challenge on my own, which of course would be more challenging. This post is not about the challenge, I’ll do a whole post about it when I’m done…I’m 10 days in as of today. Today’s post is about a paleo recipe that I love…best part is that if your spouse is not into forgoing cheese for 30 days they will still love this too!

For years, like years and years my mom and I have been making this soup that we call “tortilla soup” I have no idea where she got the recipe, I think someone emailed it to her but I’m not sure. It is my favorite soup by far and I love to eat it with lots of crispy tortilla chips and cheese…oh the sweet, stringy, melty cheese!!! Since starting the whole 30 challenge, one of my big challenges has been finding recipes that my husband will be okay with eating too. I was thinking this past weekend about what too cook, my brother-in-law Givin was over visiting, that both men would like to eat. I thought to my self I want soup, I want tortilla soup, but I can’t have cheese or chips….but I can have everything else that goes into it! I did tweak the original recipe just a bit this time but its still amazingly yummy both ways! So I was happy and both my husband Ford, and brother in law Givin were happy to eat my soup!

Oh I also changed the name lol…

Spicy Paleo Chicken Soup

3 c water

1 140z can stewed tomatoes (I like petite dice)

1 8 oz can Rotel (I use hot)

3t chili powder

3t salt

3t pepper

4 1/2t garlic powder

1 1/2t cumin

2 chicken bullion cubes

2 lbs chicken breast

Step 1) Cook Chicken. This can be any way you like…I usually just boil it its fast and easy.

Step 2) While the chicken is cooling (just enough for you to be able to shred it or chop it), boil 3 cups of water and dissolve bullion cubes.

Step 3) Add all spices. Let simmer for a few minutes. While it is simmering shred or chop your chicken. I like shredded but chopping is faster…I can be a lazy chef sometimes.

Step 4) Add tomatoes and rotel, cook for about 5 minutes.

Step 5) Add cooked chopped chicken. Let the soup simmer for a little while longer, letting all the ingredients meld and heating the chicken back up.

Step 6) If you are eating this paleo style just enjoy it…its is soooooo good! If you are against leaving out cheese then fill a bowl with either corn chips or tortilla strips, ladle the hot soup over this and top with cheese…now enjoy!

I hope whether you are trying out a paleo diet or not that you love this soup. I know I do. It is always something I love to make on cold winter days, a little snow, or rain makes me crave soup, but I’ve been known to eat it when it’s 110 outside too.

I just want to give you these two links if you are interested in reading more about a paleo diet:




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