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My Whole 30 Chanllenge

Hello!!! Happy Tuesday!!

Well I finished my whole 30 Challenge last week, while I was out of town visiting my cousin. I did do after pictures my weigh in and measurements immediately but I had not had time to write a blog about it until now…fingers crossed Ranger stays asleep long enough for me to get this done!!

Let me start by saying a few things…

1) It is not easy, so if you want to try it DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE EASY.

2) It is not hard, if you plan ahead, and just honestly think about the food you are going to eat and the things in the food its fine, and you can still eat really yummy food.

3) I did NOT exercise while doing this, so the changes in my body were purely from changing the foods I ate.

4) I totally cheated, the whole 9 life site says over and over again not to cheat that you will not get the results you want if you cheat, well guess what I cheated and maybe my results would have been even better had I not cheated…but I did cheat and I still love my results…I only cheated once FYI

5) I did get discouraged, I wanted instant results (even though I knew that wasn’t going to happen) I was also terrified that I would change my eating habits and still not lose any weight or any inches and basically still be a fatty (yes I think of my self as a fatty…yes I know I shouldn’t).

6) I didn’t give in though, and I didn’t quit (ok except that one meal I cheated for)

7) I tried to find ‘whole 30 or paleo recipes’ but had a really hard time finding anything I thought was appetizing, so mostly I just ate meat and veggies. You don’t have to use difficult recipes or buy special paleo food for this to work for you.

Ok here you go…

Start date January 26, 2014 I weighed 210lbs. My measurements were as follows: Bust – 46″ Waist – 40″ Hips – 46″ Thigh – 27″ Arm – 16″ I wore an XL shirt and size 16 jeans (old navy jeans that are like all stretch and I hate them)

End date February 24, 2014 I weighed 200lbs. Bust – 44.5″ Waist – 37″ Hips – 44.5″ Thigh – 26.5″ Arm – 14.5″  I can now fit nicely into L shirts and size 15 jeans (cruel girl brand which tends to fit snugger because it is 100% denim none of that stretch BS)

2014 205
I was not “sucking” my gut in, this is honest to goodness change.
2014 212
Does my face look thinner?? I think so 🙂
2014 211
I am by no means “done” but I like the progress I see.




Ok here is the basics of what I ate…a crap ton of eggs. LOL not just eggs but seriously I ate a ton of eggs.

Breakfast was eggs and bacon everyday…usually I’d have some veggie with it…tomato, avocado, or bell pepper, two to three eggs and one to one and a half slices of bacon. (Protein seriously fills you up and keeps you full longer)

Lunch was usually more eggs or leftovers. Seriously I count about sixteen days where I had some form of eggs for lunch. I did scrambled eggs with veggies in them, or hard boiled eggs, I even made my own mayo and did egg salad! If I had left overs it was always whatever meat was left over from the night before and roasted veggies. (I’m addicted to roasted veggies)

Dinner was always a meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, or shrimp) and roasted veggies or a salad. For my birthday we had steak and asparagus wrapped in bacon, so freaking good. I also did shrimp wrapped in bacon one night, see its not all boring and yucky! You just have to think about the food!!

These are the few times I actually used a recipe for meals:

Making Ghee also known as Clarified butter.

Making cauliflower “tortillas. Ok side note…I thought they needed some sort of flour so as to hold together better, had I had almond flour I would have added some. Also I think they would be better if cooked just in a pan on the stove…I had a hard time getting them off the cookie sheet. This is a good recipe to start with if you want to try making them though. (Mine were not this pretty other wise I’d have posted a photo) 

The basics of how I roast all my veggies. I usually do cauliflower, bell peppers (all colors), mushrooms, and broccoli. Asparagus is also very good this way and green beans too!

I also just used this BLT as inspiration. I made these zucchini chips as a snack once. I also made apple chips as a snack. I made coconut flour pancakes…they were AWFUL I wont share that recipe but I will share the banana nut bread pancakes I made yesterday which were to die for!! I did only use almond flour no rice flour and I added more than the recipe called for…they were too runny for my taste. Last but not least…spicey paleo chicken soup.

Now let me confess about my cheat meal…it was my birthday dinner. I know that is NOT a good excuse, but I was burnt out and wanted to indulge in something sweet so I made paleo brownies…and they had honey in them…and that is how I cheated…so I mean its not like I ate a green chile cheese burger and fries even though I really wanted to. So in my oppinion…if you feel like you may fail if you don’t eat a freaking brownie or some cake…do a paleo option and don’t be too hard on yourself!

My plan now is to still mainly eat this way…well I’m going the primal blue print route actually.

Always remember that we are not perfect begins there fore rather than to strive for perfection we should strive for progress!

2014 262
Its a lovely day for a walk












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