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I need rules…I need accountability

Hello! Happy Monday!!

I know your thinking happy Monday…this girl is crazy lol. No I’m not crazy and I’m a Monday hater like everyone else…except I really only work weekends right now so Monday means the start of my stay at home with my baby week…well today it meant clean my house while my MIL watches me baby but that’s cool because I love a clean house!!

So last week I posted about my whole 30 challenge, and since the end of my challenge I have been trying to decide if I’m going to jump right into another whole 30 or take a break or what…well I’ve decided that I don’t want to do the whole 30 every day of my life because its too strict (I know that is the point!!) for my day to day life, but I also really want to keep eating that way. With out the rules I seem to have a hard time restraining my sugar cravings, so I’m going to follow the rules of the primal diet, and check in weekly with my progress here. (if anyone is interested in doing the primal challenge or the whole 30 challenge and would like an accountability partner please feel free to email me at happymountainhomemaker@gmail.com I’d love to talk more about my experiences or be your accountability partner!!)

It seems I need rules and accountability partners to walk the road of healthy eating and exercise to the healthy me I’m dying to be!

Last week when I was giving my whole 30 challenge stats, I also mentioned the primal blueprint, and I believe I linked to it also…but I really like this one site and since I “borrowed” some graphics from it I would like to link to it again...HERE 

Although there is a 30 day challenge that goes with the primal blue print, I’m not really interested in just doing another 30 day challenge I want to change my life style for the duration of well…my life. I really like the primal blueprint, because although there is an emphasis on eating mainly meat, and vegetables as our main source of foods, it also includes foods to eat in moderation and acceptable indulgences. The primal blueprint also lays out a plan for the exercise part of our life, which I like.

Here are two graphics I will be putting to use in my life everyday, starting today.

fitness_pyramid_flat_2012 food_pyramid_flat_2011sm-1








Before I leave you today I want to give you a quick side dish…or main dish idea, that I recently started doing and I love it so much I ate it two nights in a row…and may have it for lunch today! I’m going to be doing my best to only post paleo, primal, and whole 30 dishes from now on, but I do still have a husband that likes cookies (found a great primal/paleo cookie recipes I’ll post soon), and I am still baking cakes for gatherings so I will be posting about those things as well.


Sliced mushrooms

Fresh spinach

Cherry tomatoes

Minced Garlic

Coconut Oil

Slat and Pepper

1) Saute mushrooms, and garlic until golden brown.

2) Add spinach and wilt

3) When spinach is almost…ALMOST!…wilted add cherry tomatoes and cook until spinach is fully wilted and tomatoes are warm. Salt and pepper to taste.

4) Now this in itself is a great side dish for any meal, however to make it a main dish simply add cooked and diced chicken.



photo 1



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