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I’m eating chocolate and I don’t feel guilty!

Hello!! Happy Monday!!

Changing my eating habits is hard…anyone who has ever attempted it knows that…but changing my biological make up to NOT crave sweets is basically impossible! What any of us working towards the goal of a healthier, happier…SKINNIER…life needs to do is to exercise the restraint and learn to fight the temptation!! Its hard…I know…so hard…but today I have treat for you!! and me 🙂 Primal…and Paleo (sorry this is NOT whole 30 approved…so sad) fudge!

Let me give a little shout out to my cousin, Jessica, who originally sent me the pin on pinterest…thanks Jessica its like you knew I NEEDED CHOCOLATE…or wine gummies or some other sinfully delicious treat the day you sent me the original pin! Cousins are the, best aren’t they.

After dinner that night I set about making this fudge and it literally only took about 10 minutes, plus 20 or so to harden and BOOM chocolate get in my belly! I loved this stuff so much that I thought…what if I added nuts and unsweetened coconut flakes to it! OMG! It would be insane…so the next day I did that 🙂 Here is the original recipe I used…I’ve got to give props to this gal…so good! Now here is how I changed the recipe:


1/2C Coconut oil

1/2C Almond butter (smooth…and if you can buy the kind that does not need to be stirred it worked better for  me)

1/2C Honey (I liked it sweeter)

1T Vanilla

1t Salt (Salt is a flavor enhancer)

1/4C Pecans chopped (or any nut you like)

1/4C Unsweetened coconut flakes

1) On very low heat melt coconut oil…you don’t want it getting too hot.

2) Add almond butter and melt slowly, stirring until smooth.

3) Add the rest of the ingredients, and whisk until nice and smooth.

4) Pour into a foil lined baking dish…8×8.

5) Top with nuts and coconut flakes.

6) Pop this into the freeze for at least 20 minutes. Cut and enjoy.

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Update on my last week…it didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I didn’t eat as healthy as I wanted to, I just gave in too easily. I did, however, walk everyday except the day it was so windy it would have blown me away!!

Everyday is a new day, and a new chance to get it right!!!



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