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Little Rays of Sunshine


Do you hear that? No? That’s right, nothing…well not nothing…I hear birds chirping, and the hum of the refrigerator, and click click click of my key board, but no kids…NAP TIME WOOT WOOT! I hope your kids are napping too 🙂 

So here I am at the kitchen table (that is where we keep the computer in our itty bitty house), with my water, relaxing, and ready to tell you about a sweet little project we did the other day. We being me, my mother in law (the kids call her Dandee), and my two kiddos. We didn’t think it up all on our own, Dandee saw it posted on Facebook, and so she went out and bought the stuff to do it. 


^^Here is the finished product and my adorable, half-naked, kids (they are always half-naked, I’m assuming yours are too) 

It is super simple and my three-year old son, Ranger, had a blast. I think Shelby did too (one-year old daughter) but she doesn’t talk much yet so she didn’t say either way. 

What you will need: 

  1. Canvas, any size ours were 8X8, you can for sure do bigger but I wouldn’t recommend smaller.
  2.  Paint, yellow, any shade any brand. 
  3. Paint brush, small-ish.
  4. Paint pen, we used sharpie paint pens in black, but if you are super cool you can just paint it by hand too!
  5. Paper with “You are my sunshine” printed on it, any font you like, and large enough for your canvas.
  6. Pencil, #2 would be best…do they make any other kind???
  7. Children’s feet, preferably your own children but you could also borrow the neighbors kids I’m sure she’d like the break 😉 

I started by sketching out, very lightly, the size and shape of the sun. 

Then I measured the kids feet and got an idea of where each foot needed to go…then the fun part, PAINT on toddlers feet! (Do this outside…seriously) Since we were doing both my kids feet we did all of Ranger’s foot prints, then all of Shelby’s and we alternated each foot on the canvas…tips, make sure you have plenty of paint on the foot but not toooooooo much (we did a practice run with a sheet of plain white paper) and make sure the foot is placed flat down on the canvas, and doesn’t move or you will have smudged toes. 

Once the foot prints were dry I painted the edge of the sun and then let Ranger paint the middle of the sun…he loves to paint. 

Then the kids and I went home and I finished the words the next day. Ha, isn’t that how all projects with kids go! 

Seriously though, the lettering…I asked my super arty husband to do the letters but he told me no…that is was my project and so I figured it out. (wow that made him sound mean…to clarify he was doing something at the time he told me no) I printed the wording using a very large font size. The words “you are my” all fit on one sheet, and Sunshine took up its own page (landscape orientation). This is cool though because you can pick any font you like, and replicate it on your canvas. That is assuming you are like me and can’t hand letter to save your life, if you are way cooler than me then free hand it baby! 

Anyway, so I printed the wording, then I used a pencil to color over the words (on the back side), place them against the canvas, positioned where ever you like best, and then trace the letters. (Part way through me doing this my husband said, “it would be way easier to do that with carbon paper” and I’m over here like, “what? we have that?” He said no but it would still be easier…so if you have that cool…use it) 

After you have transferred all the wording, take your paint pen and trace and fill in the lettering. When that is all done you are all done…except for hanging it…or framing it…or maybe wrapping it if you plan to give it away.

It was a pretty nifty little project, and the kids enjoyed painting, and singing while we painted (You are my Sunshine is a favorite around here) and now it is hanging in their room, and Ranger is very proud of it.

I hope you give it a try, and I hope your kids love it…grandparents love that kind of stuff too.

Well, I’ve been sitting long enough (my tush is going numb) and there is a sink full of dishes with my name on it.  

Have a blessed day! 





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