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Thumbprints Thumbprints Everywhere

My kids just LOVE to do art projects. I usually enjoy them too, and since there are certain people in our lives…men mostly…that are very difficult to buy gifts for, we generally make them. I also tend to think keepsake art gifts are worth more than a new hammer anyway.

Recently we have tried our hand…or in this case our thumbs at some thumbprint art. Ranger, who is three, is very good at it and needs little direction. Shelby, who is one, mostly drives me crazy and gets ink everywhere. However, since perfection is not our ultimate goal…ok it is actually my goal but art is just art and it can be however they want it…it always turns out just right and I love each and every one.

So far we have done, “Home is Where the Heart is” in the shape of our beloved New Mexico; and “We see by faith, not by sight” a cross.

I am sad to say I do not love the cross we made. Shelby kept touching it while it was drying and smudging ink every where…which you can remove with a little water and a Q-tip…but she smudged it way too much for that to work! I’m also not in love with the lettering. I could have done better. NEXT TIME! 

I am in love with the finished product on this bad boy. You might be thinking that we did the cross first and this second…you’d be wrong…isn’t that sad I got worse not better…oh well. Ford built a rustic frame for this and we gave it to his dad for his birthday. It was a hit. 

Thumbprint Art

Fun and easy keepsake art.

You can really make any shape or design with your thumbprints…use your imagination!


  • Canvas Board (Purchased at hobby store)
  • Ruler (or template to trace)
  • Pencil
  • Painters Tape
  • Stamp Ink (Purchased at hobby store)
  • Paint Pen
  • Scissors


  1. Trace or hand draw your shape, for this example it was a cross.
  2. Tape off the area you are filling with thumbprints.
  3. Let your older kids go for it…I highly suggest helping the littler ones…but then again art is whatever they want it to be…and ink washes out.
  4. Let dry. Once dry remove tape. Isn’t it fabulous!
  5. Free hand or trace in pencil your Bible verse, we did We see by faith, not by sight. 2nd Corinthians 5:7. Then go back over with paint pen.
  6. Place in frame, and hang in your home to be admired by all. Isn’t it sweet!

Let your imagination and your children’s artistic whims be your guide!



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