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Life Lessons for the “Grown Up”

The camp that we live and work at did a “Cupcake Wars” Competition a while back. It was the second annual competition, the first time my family judged, and this time we participated while another family judged. I am normally not competitive. However, I love to bake and so yes I said things like, “I’m gonna bring the heat.” I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the flavors, and how it would all taste, and things like that; but I’m not big on fancy decorations. I’m good with simple, I have always thought that the flavor and simple nice decorations was perfect. I really do not like fondant. I don’t like the way it tastes or working with it, and I’m not very good at making fondant decorations. I would rather pipe a buttercream flower and shells than make a fondant flower. That is just my opinion. I know people that are amazing with fondant, I’m just not, so I do not like it. That is not the point of this post. The next paragraph is.

I ended up deciding on a lemon cupcake with chopped pistachio’s in it, filled with a pistachio buttercream, and an Italian meringue buttercream to top it. The secret ingredient was pistachio. The theme was state pride…New Mexico all the way. We decided to do a Smokey Bear theme since we live in the mountains of NM and he was found in the mountains of NM. I wanted to make little forest ranger hats that said Smokey on them like the hat he wears. I though surely that will be easy enough. My mind thinks I’m so capable at times. Well, I made homemade fondant, which is really very easy. Sadly it was not easy for my hands to create what my mind wanted. I went to my husband, Ford, and said I need your help; he is very artistic.

His response was, “Let Ranger do it.”

My honest reply was, “Oh yea, I should let him help, and I don’t have to win.”

So that is what I did, I just asked Ranger if he wanted to make them, and he did. So I rolled out the brim of the hat for him and let him do the rest. I didn’t get to put Smokey on them, there wasn’t room, but he is proud of them and that is more important. We may not win, but he had fun. This morning when he put the hats on the cupcakes he did them at all different angles and he is so proud. I also let Shelby put some one because she always wants to help.

The whole point of this post is to point out to all the mothers out there, who like me get a little too wrapped up in the end result, that it is more important to give our children experiences and memories than it is to have a perfect…anything…in this case to win a cupcake competition.

We are headed over to find the winners out…I’ll add that once I know.

We did not win, but Ranger took it like a champ. He hugged and congratulated the teams that did win. He learned that its ok to not always be the winner. He is also adorable, and when we got to see all the entries he picked a different teams cupcakes as his favorite. Three year old’s, they are awesome!

Here is a link to Sacramento Camp and Conference Center’s Facebook page where you can get the over all winner’s recipe.

Here is the post announcing the over all winner and the winner of the best presentation. 

Here you can see all the entries. 

Shelby and Ranger October 2, 2016 Photo taken by Tami Painter.

May the Lord bless your day, your family, and fill your heart with laughter and joy.



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