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Fall and Family Time


I love fall. I actually love all the seasons, but during each season I love that season the most! So right now, I love fall, its the best! 

I love to watch the leaves change and I love that the weather gets cooler, and I love all kinds of squash, and all kinds of fall fruits and vegetables! I love the colors! Oh the colors! Red’s, and yellow’s…orange’s oh so pretty! 

So we have been doing some fall activities. We went to a pumpkin patch, and we painted fall trees, and carved pumpkins, and made pumpkin pie from scratch! (that will be it’s own post) and right now the kids are watching “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” 

AND I have started looking into Thanks Giving activities and how to go about teaching my toddlers about the history of it, (the real history) and how and why we should be thankful! If you have any ideas or resources I’d love to hear about them! 

Of course you can do any or all of these activities with out a blog post written by someone you don’t know….buuuuuut here is how we went about the fall tree activity. 

Fall Tree Painting

A fun fall activity to do with your little ones.

This is a great time to talk about the changing of the seasons, how and why that happens.


  • Paints – we used red, orange, brown, and yellow
  • Cotton Balls – one for each color
  • Clothes Pins – one for each color
  • Small cups (for putting paint into)
  • Card stock – with a tree (with out leaves) printed on it or drawn on it


  1. Print or draw a tree with out leaves on your card stock.
  2. Color or paint your tree brown.
  3. Using cotton balls held with clothes pins paint leaves onto your tree.
  4. Each and every tree will be unique!

My kids just love to do any kind of art or craft. They love to try new things, and learn…questions questions questions…its an amazing part of being a parent. I hope you try this with your little ones! May your fall be a blessed with a fruitful harvest! 




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