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6 Ways to Always be Ready for Guests

Recently at my ladies meeting at church, we talked about talents vs spiritual gifts. To give you the short version, a talent is something you are very good at like music or art, that with practice you have grown better at. A talent can be used for the glory of God or for self glory. A spiritual gift is something the Lord has blessed you with, after becoming a Christian, that you use to glorify His kingdom.

We talked about the different kinds of spiritual gifts, and then took an assessment to see what our individual spiritual gifts were. I was not surprised to see that my top scoring area was hospitality. Especially with how much opening my home to others has been on my heart lately.

Here is a link to that assessment if you are interested in  taking it.

A few days later while having lunch with my mom and mother in law we started talking about hospitality. I am very much like my mother in law when it  comes to hospitality, she is great at it, and loves to have people over to love on and feed. My mom, on the other hand says that is always stresses her out. From this conversation I started thinking about little things that we can all do to make us feel more comfortable opening our homes up to others, especially on short notice.

  1. Have a cleaning schedule.
    • If you regularly keep your home tidy then unexpected guests wont cause such stress. You simply tidy up clutter and do a quick sweep and you are ready to welcome your guests.
    • I have a weekly cleaning schedule that I follow that looks like this:
      • Monday: Bathroom
      • Tuesday: Dusting
      • Wednesday: Vacuuming
      • Thursday: Mopping
      • Friday: Rotate deep cleaning.
        • Cleaning out of the refrigerator, the microwave, stove, windows, baseboards, and cleaning out closests.
    • Every day I sweep the house, make the beds, do the dishes and I do the laundry at least twice a week (more like everyday). Also if you put things away as soon as you are finished with them, like putting shoes away in the closet, then you have less clutter to begin with. ( My mama taught me that, and it makes me feel less stressed and like I’ve accomplished something everyday.)
  2. Having candles burning, or diffusing essential oils makes your home smell wonderful and inviting. Unless of course your home is filled with the sweet aroma of dinner.
  3. Fresh flowers on a table, in a window sill, in the bathroom, and on a night stand for an over night guest is a lovely touch that gives your home that extra welcoming feel.
    • The flowers do not have to be big expensive or elaborate. In the photos above I have a few daisies in a small mason jar that I set in my kitchen widow with my little blue bird of happiness. This makes my kitchen window a place that draws the eye, shows that I have taken time to brighten up my home and it is not fancy, just simple. I also have some stargazer lilies, that I got in a beautiful birthday bouquet from my father in law and his girl friend. I cut them short and placed them in a mason jar (I don’t have many vases) and they are a bright spot on the bathroom counter.
      • These little things just make me smile, and brighten my home.
  4. Offer refreshments.
    • Tea, water, a light snack.
      • I don’t mean you always have to have homemade baked goods on hand, but a bowl of nuts, or cheese and crackers is a sweet way to offer a snack and shows that you are glad you have a visitor and want them to feel welcomed.
  5. It is also important to really give them your attention. I know that sometimes, especially if the guests is unexpected, its difficult to stop your daily routine and give them your full attention. But they came to see you, and trust me you need a break anyway.
  6. Lastly I think it is important to remember that they came to see you, and not your spotless home. So relax and enjoy a nice visit.

I’m going to go ahead and let you in on a secret. I rarely think my home is tidy, even though I follow this schedule. I sweep and I swear five minutes later the floor looks like I haven’t swept in a week. It drives me bonkers, but I’d rather have a dirty floor and a home filled with friends and laughter than a spotless home and no visitors.

God bless you and your spiritual gifts.




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