About Me

Hey there,  I’m Ashley, or just Ash is good too. 

14958420_10157805693805235_285476440_n  <<< Me HI!!

Grab a drink, water with lemon, or coffee is my favorite, grab a comfy seat and lets get to know each other! 

I love Jesus, and thank the good Lord for grace everyday. I love my husband, he is smart, funny, handsome and has an awesome red bread. I love my children, they drive me nuts! I am a chef. I am a homemaker. I am funny, I mean I make me laugh so I must be funny. I’m a little quirky, and semi-crunchy. 

The plan for this blog, although sometimes plans change, is for me to spill out (hopefully in a way that will bring a smile to your face, and bless your day) all the things I think are nifty, or useful. So far this includes, Crafty type things, my family and my life, and whatever may go down in my kitchen. I’ll be adding homeschooling, and possibly semi-crunchy to the list…soon-ish…assuming my kids allow me a brief moment to write a complete sentence with out them screaming at each other. 

Let me be totally honest for just a second, I’m figuring this blogging thing out as I go. So bear with me, all this technical stuff (you know like how to get my blog to look really cool and stylish) is new to me.

Continuing with the honesty stuff, I promise what you will ALWAYS find here is me, I learned a long time ago (like waaaaaay back in middle school) that I didn’t want to try to be who others wanted me to be, that I just wanted to be me, love me or leave me (Jesus loves me and that is all I need). 

I hope you find something here that you can learn from, be inspired by, or just laugh at while your kids destroy the living room you just cleaned. 

May your day be a blessed one!




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Beautifully written. You are also a sister. The very best one I could ever ask for. You have taught me so much and I will always look up to you. I learn so much from who you are, what you do, and what you believe. You are an amazing woman, Ashley, and I love you more than I can say.

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