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Oh My Goodness…Lemon Curd

  Oh my goodness! Hurry someone slap the spoon out of my hand! Have you ever tasted something, and you were just wowed. You thought my taste buds have seen the light and where has this been all my life? Well, let me tell you this lemon curd is one of those things. Its sweet… Continue reading Oh My Goodness…Lemon Curd

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Grain Free Sweet Potato Muffins…NOM NOM NOM

Hello! Happy Monday! It has been a year since my step mom, Tami, introduced me to these fabulous muffins! Last year we had our first Christmas at home, and my Dad and Tami came. Tami brought with her a big Tupperware full of these yummy sweet potato muffins. At first Ford and I were thinking,… Continue reading Grain Free Sweet Potato Muffins…NOM NOM NOM

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I’m eating chocolate and I don’t feel guilty!

Hello!! Happy Monday!! Changing my eating habits is hard…anyone who has ever attempted it knows that…but changing my biological make up to NOT crave sweets is basically impossible! What any of us working towards the goal of a healthier, happier…SKINNIER…life needs to do is to exercise the restraint and learn to fight the temptation!! Its… Continue reading I’m eating chocolate and I don’t feel guilty!

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My Whole 30 Chanllenge

Hello!!! Happy Tuesday!! Well I finished my whole 30 Challenge last week, while I was out of town visiting my cousin. I did do after pictures my weigh in and measurements immediately but I had not had time to write a blog about it until now…fingers crossed Ranger stays asleep long enough for me to… Continue reading My Whole 30 Chanllenge


Apple Chips

Hello and Happy Wednesday!! The other day I was standing in my kitchen and I had two apples on the verge of going bad. Only because once the apples start to get mealy I don’t like to eat them, so then they do go bad because I refuse to eat them. So I was trying… Continue reading Apple Chips